Life Update!

Hi! My life has been beyond hectic recently, between studying for and doing exams, babysitting every week, and trying to have some form of a social life on top of that, it’s been difficult to find time to relax and write, but I want to try to set aside time each week to focus on writing, because it’s important to me.  

A lot has happened in my life over the last few months, and I thought, since it’s been so long, I’d give you some insight into what’s been going on in my life.  

  1. I got a puppy last November (well technically she’s my sisters puppy, but she’s the cutest thing, I love her so much!). Her name is Freya, she’s a Golden Retriever. I’ve always wanted a dog but my mum thought it was too big of a responsibility and a burden, but she too fell in love with Freya (it’s impossible not to!). I’ve also been training her Irish! She can ‘suigh síos’ and ‘dul a codladh’!  She’s very clever.
  2. I’ve been spending 90% of my time studying  because I have my leaving cert exams in June and I had my mock exams 2 weeks ago.  Needless to say I had many sleepless nights, but I made it through and am confident that I didn’t fail!    
  3. I’ve been adventuring out into the world a little more. And by that I mean I went out to the pub. Once. And my cousin dragged me to a nightclub which was possibly the worst experience of my life, so that won’t ever happen again! Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against pubs, or drinking, and I had a really good time with my friends, I’ve just been too busy to go out regularly and there are many things I’d prefer to spend my money on other than alcohol, call me weird but it’s true! 

So that’s pretty much all that’s been going on, nothing very exciting to tell you the truth, just a lot of studying and not much else but I’m going to 3 concerts next month and it’s my 18th, so that should be fun! 

Love Orla xxx


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