18 Things I’ve Learned in 18 Years.


So I turned 18 2 weeks ago (I know I’m awful at keeping an up to date blog but I have a busy life at the moment!) which means I’m officially an adult!! So I thought I’d let you in on a few life secrets I’ve learned in my 18 years of living:

  1.  Life’s more fun if you be yourself.
  2. The only opinions that matter are those of the people who care about you. 
  3. Be nice to everyone, you never know what someone is going through.
  4. Never be ashamed about having a passion.
  5. Take all the opportunities life throws your way.
  6. Do what you love so you can love what you do.
  7. Never settle for second place if you could come first.
  8. You don’t need to know what the final destination is, just make the most of everyday.
  9. Follow your heart.
  10. Don’t accept the ‘norms’ as being okay.
  11. Singing in the shower is nothing to be ashamed of.
  12. Save your money! You never know when you’re going to need to buy concert tickets!
  13. You’re never too old for cuddles.
  14. Change is scary, but it’s good.
  15. Never judge people based on what they look like.
  16. Tea makes everything better.
  17. It’s okay to cry sometimes
  18. Music is the greatest form of therapy



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