Darkness Into Light ☀️

I took part in the Darkness Into Light walk in my local area this morning to raise funds for Pieta House. Pieta House is a really important charity  that raises awareness to suicide and mental illness and gives support to people who are living with mental illnesses.  

The work they do is vital in today’s society. They offer advice and support to those in need and save lives.  People who have mental illnesses often feel alone, like they have no one to turn to, and no one to talk to and the dedicated volunteers from Pieta House give them somewhere to turn to when things get hard and they’re losing hope.  They’re a light in the lives of those living in darkness.  
Darkness into Light is about more than just raising money.  It’s a congregation of people from all walks of life, all coming together at 4 am to walk together through the darkness and into the light. Every single person was there for their own individual reasons.  Suicide and mental illness is something that effects all of our lives at some point, either directly or indirectly, and its important to recognise that and not ignore it.  

I’m so happy that I got to take part in such an important event this morning. Suicide and mental health issues are so prevalent in today’s society and they’re something most people tend to hide or ignore. Darkness Into Light raises awareness to these issues and gets people talking about them, which is a step closer to a more inclusive society ☀️