Packing for Uni!

So, I leave for Uni in 3 days and I’m almost finished packing (after frantically staying up till 2 A.M  after my friend asked me how packing was going and my suitcase was 100% empty!). Packing has lead to a few self discoveries that I thought I’d share with you.

  1. I have way too many stripy jumpers
  2. My underwear drawer is 95% ripped navy tights from school
  3. My ratio of jeans to tops is approximately 1:100
  4. I need more plaid shirts
  5. My wardrobe in college will never fit all the clothes I’ve packed
  6. I have no self control when it comes to sales at Penney’s 
  7. I have 3 skirts and like 50 tops but I still have no tops to go with my skirts
  8. I need to stop buying ugly bikinis (orange and flowery with white lace trim. I mean, what was I thinking?!) as weight loss inspo because they are never going to fit me and I probably wouldn’t wear them if they did!
  9. I don’t wear half the clothes in my wardrobe 
  10. I need to stop wearing the same outfit everyday (jeans, shirt, boots.) 

I’m Going To University!

As any Leaving Cert. student would know, CAO offers came out this morning.  It was the moment we all were waiting for, the climax of the last 6 years of secondary school, and it was both terrifying and exciting.  Some were over the moon, others were devastatingly disappointed but we all had one thing in common:  All of our lives are about to change drastically (well, except those who have to resit the LC…).

Fortunately, I was one of the lucky ones who got their first choice.  I woke up at  6 am  to check the CAO website and found out I had been accepted to the University of Limerick to study Arts (Joint Honours). I was literally so excited that I  cried as I read the email. Afterwards, me and my friend who is going to LIT went to Limerick to view the accomodation we are sharing.  It made everything seem so much more real. This time next week I will be living on my own, starting in a huge new school where I know no one and job hunting on top of all that and as stressful and scary as it is, I can’t wait.

I can’t wait for the independence. I can’t wait for the new friends I’m going to make and the new adventures I’m going to have, but there is a lot I’m going to miss too. I’m going to miss always having my mum to confide in, and arguing with my little sister over the TV. I’m gonna miss my dad yelling in disagreement over football matches, and I’m really going to miss Freya, my golden retriever, climbing up on the sofa and licking my face when she knows she’s not allowed on the furniture.  I’ll miss having my aunt, uncle and cousin across the road, and always meeting people I know in the street.  I’ll miss the kids I babysit every Friday, and the girls I’ve lived beside since I was 6. I’m going to miss everything about the little town that I couldn’t wait to leave.

So, to all of you who’ve just got their results, whether you were happy or disappointed, whether you’re going to college, heading straight to work, or not sure where exactly you are going yet, good luck. Life is only going to get better.