Tegan and Sara Live in Vicar Street!

I went to see Tegan and Sara playing live in Vicar Street on Feb.19th!  I’ve loved their music since the release of their latest album, Love You To Death,  which I bought and consequently downloaded all of their old albums and just, fell in love… so I had high expectations, but they literally blew me away with their talent! Their opening acts, Ria Mae and Alex Lahey, were also incredible, and I’ve been listening to them on replay ever since! 

I’d never really been to a gig in a small venue like Vicar Street before, I’d only been to Arena’s, but the setting was so intimate and the atmosphere was awesome. I was at the front (and I’m pretty sure they’re vampires because it’s impossible to look that good in real life 😍), in the heart of the crowd and everyone was singing every lyric to every song and you could tell that everyone was there for the same reason: because they loved the music.  It wasn’t an overproduced, over rehearsed show that had obviously been performed in the exact same way hundreds of times, it was the little things such as Sara wearing a repeal the 8th badge to support the movement for women’s right to choice over their own bodies, to Tegan trying to calm the booing crowd when Sara mistakenly brought up the politics of England Vs Ireland, that made the show special.  

After watching the show, I have so much respect for Tegan, who came out and performed incredibly despite being ill and on medication, and I hope she has a speedy recovery as she has now lost her voice, and I mean, as much as I love Sara, they wouldn’t be the same without Tegan! The natural banter between them on stage made the connection between the audience and them so much stronger as they included the audience rather than simply putting on a show to be watched. 

It was an amazing night, they sang all of the crowd favourites, twisting some of their older songs to give them a new vibe that went well with their new music.  I loved it when they played a few acoustic songs on the guitar.  Their band was also incredible, and you could tell that everyone on their stage loved what they were doing and were giving the performance their all.  I’d go and see them again tomorrow if I could! I hope they come back to Ireland soon 💕